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Greenfield Earl Grey Black with Bergamot 100 x 2 g

Greenfield Earl Grey Black with Bergamot 100 x 2 g
Greenfield Earl Grey Black with Bergamot 100 x 2 g
  • Brand: Greenfield
  • Product code: 100-P-GEG
  • Weight: 200.00g
204,43 Lei
Ex Tax: 170,36 Lei

Earl Grey is one of the most beloved tea varieties in the manufacturer's collection. The drink is a classic blend of black tea and bergamot that impresses with its intense taste.

Tea stands out through a bouquet of vivid shades, where the astringency of bergamot dominates the composition and endows it with a fine, soft and pleasant taste. The unique aroma of this tea is obtained by sprinkling the leaves already already fermented leaves with Bergamot oil.

In addition to Ceylon black tea, citrus peel is also added to this mixture to accentuate the deep and fresh aroma of the tea. The strong and elegant taste of the Ceylon black tea makes the good team with the refinement of bergamot and the volatile oils with which this fruit is endowed.

Together, these ingredients refresh the senses and create a state of well-being that envelops the whole body.

Ingredients: long black tea, citrus peel, bergamot oil, natural bergamot flavor.

Infuse in boiled water at 90-95 ° C for 5-7 minutes in a 200 ml cup.

*Bergamot is a kind of extremely fragrant citrus, green or yellow, which combines some orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime. 80% of bergamot plantations are grown in Calabria, a region in southern Italy, followed by France and Turkey.

CompositionBlack tea, citrus peel, bergamot
FlavorSlightly astringent, refreshing
ProcessingNaturally flavored
PreparationInfuse for 5-7 minutes in a 200 ml cup
Infusion temperature90-95 °C
NotesCitrus, flower petals, bergamot
Weight200 g
Pieces per pack100 bags
Sachet weight2 g