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Greenfield Currant & Mint 25 x 1,5 g

Currant & Mint - an invigorating composition based on Indian black tea, mint and currant.

The light blackcurrant jam blends harmoniously with the subtle acidity of the red currant, and together with the black tea leaves creates a mix with original, summer taste. A final note of mint completes the bouquet with freshness, underlining the full depth of the Indian tea.

This delicious tea is an excellent tonic:

  • The essential oils that contain in the mint invigorate and give the feeling of freshness.
  • Caffeine-rich black tea stimulates the nervous system.
  • Currant contains antioxidants and vitamin C, which purifies the body and stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation.

Ingredients: black tea, mint, black and red currant fruits, currant leaves, currant flavor.

Preparation: The contents of bag are infused for 5-7 minutes in boiled water at a temperature of 90 °C.

CompositionBlack tea, mint, black currant, red
FlavorSlightly sour
ProcessingNaturally flavored
PreparationInfuse for 5-7 minutes in a 200-300 ml cup
Infusion temperature90 °C
Weight37,5 g
Pieces per pack25 bags
Sachet weight1,5 g