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Delivery Chisinau

From 59.00 MDL

Pickup From Store

Str. Petricani 88/8

Delivery Moldova

From 85.00 MDL

Online orders delivery

          ✅  From 60 minutes to 3 days, depending on the address and the days of the week;

          ✅  Throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova;

          ✅  Service Charge (please see the fees below);

          DELIVERY FEES:

          Chisinau - starting from 59.00 lei (VAT Inc.)

          Republic of Moldova - starting from 91.00 lei (TV Inc.)


          Weight indexing (calculation) takes place automatically, for each additional kilogram in your shopping cart, that overcomes the minimum threshold of 3 kg, will be added 1.00 lei per kilogram.

          Example: The shopping cart weighs is 5 kg. The delivery cost will be 59.00 + 2.00 lei = 61.00 lei.

          * Updated on 17.05.2024

          Atthe time of delivery, the customer receives the goods and an Invoice (Proforma).

          Orders outside the territory of the Republic of Moldova, are possible through international postal services.




          Place non-stop orders on the website, add any product in the shopping cart in the desired amount, followed by a confirmation call.

          Wait for the order delivery to the address indicated in the Invoice, a call in advance by the courier will be made half an hour (30 minutes) before delivery.

          Alternatively,orders can be placed by phone Monday-Saturday 09:00 - 18:00.

          Other means of communication are welcome: mail, chat and messenger.



          Flexibilityis not the easiest, however the closest-to-people way to serve customers, which is why cash payments are accepted, also with the card at the time of delivery, by card online and bank transfer.

          For companies, bank details can be found in our contacts.



          Recognition and understanding are the keys for trust. We guarantee the return of the money for the purchases made in the e-store, it is important to mention this request by a short email to [email protected] with the subject "return" and a brief description of the reason for the return, we also mention that the returned product needs to be intact.

          If the product has been unpacked, damaged the return is not possible.


          See Contacts.



          email:[email protected]