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Brand: Philips Saeco Product code: PSTH
These stickers are essential to establish the right water hardnes..
45,90 Lei
Ex Tax:38,25 Lei
Brand: Gaggia Product code: GDSC-25
Suitable for all Gaggia (espresso) coffee machines. This detergen..
225,83 Lei
Ex Tax:188,19 Lei
Brand: Lujo Clean Product code: LJC-DB-500
Descaling solution for coffee machines, teapots, coffee makers, e..
331,50 Lei
Ex Tax:276,25 Lei
Brand: DeLonghi Product code: DG-EKO-DSC
DeLonghi Ecodecalk ecological descaler made of 100% lactic acid a..
449,21 Lei
Ex Tax:374,34 Lei
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