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Frequent questions

Simple method: 1kg of coffee beans = 125-142 coffees;
250g packaged ground coffee = 25-32 coffees;
1 capsule (pod) = 1 coffee;
Yes, we deliver nationally, to the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova with the exception of the Transnistria area (Dniester Moldavian Republic).
The delivery is for a variable fee (see rates in the link below) and the courier agencies are Nova Poshta and Curier Rapid.
In order to descale the coffee machine, you need the following supplies:
1. anticalc chemistry (liquid, powder or pills)
2. descaling instructions (see coffee machine instructions)
3. a pot (casserole, dish)
4. plain water

Search here for chemistry (agents):

Can I use lemon salt or is the chemistry recommended by the coffee machine manufacturer mandatory?
The manufacturer is the key to answering this question. If he recommends his agent, it means that it is 100% tested and compatible with the coffee machine, and if he does not insist on his own solution and recommends any agent - he specifically recommends "agent", rarely lemon salt in free form.
It is not recommended to use lemon salt for this procedure. Only if you have no other solution at hand.
Warning! Do not use vinegar to clean the coffee machine! It is contraindicated!
Syrups have several directions:
- coffee
- cocktail
- mojito
- wine
- baked goods, desserts, cakes
- lemonades, cold drinks, hot drinks
- meat, salads

To better understand their application, you need to experiment with the basic ones, for example Coconut, Caramel and Mojito.
Both are varieties (species) of coffee beans.
Arabica and Robusta are species of coffee (like white and red wine) and differ considerably. They are used both separately and in mixtures.
♀️Arabica is beautiful in every way, aromatic, fragrant, a little acidic and low in caffeine content.

♂️Robusta is strong in every way, creamy, tough, even arrogant, powerful and very rich in caffeine content.

Both are used in coffee blends, because their tandem is more successful than each separately in some cases.

When pure Arabica is used we find the abbreviation "100% Arabica", and when pure Robusta - "100% Robusta".

Robusta is a very important coffee for the industry. It is used to balance the acidity caused by Arabica, in the preparation of milk specialties (cappuccino, latte, etc.) due to the high level of caffeine.
Depending on the address, delivery can take from 3 hours to 72 hours. In the Chisinau area, delivery is fast - 3h to 48h, in districts and villages 36h - 72h.

At the same time, pickup from the office (store) located on 88/8 Petricani street, MD-2059 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova is always available.

Why delivery to Chisinau could take up to 48 hours - due to retention of certain products and if their alternatives does not suit the customer.

By default, you will be offered to replace the missing products with a similar one.

Deliveries in the Chisinau area (including the suburbs) are made quickly - the same day, in few hours.
Delivery Service
In Coffeeshop you can find coffee, tea and everything related. In particular:
- Coffee beans, More than 100 options.
- Coffee in capsules (Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza Blue, Adomomio, ESE 44 mm, illy iperEspresso, Caffitaly, etc.).
- Moka ground coffee.
- Decaf coffee.
- Organic coffee.
- Assorted teas (small packs, loose-infusion, pyramids, etc.)
- Coffee accessories – paper cups with lids, napkins, cream and milk, toppings, etc.
- Syrups, for different uses (cocktail, coffee, pastries, lemonade, mojito, wine, etc.).
- Toppings, powder, sauces
- Coffee machines (coffee makers, espresso machines)
- Detergents for maintenance of coffee machines.
- Water filters for coffee machines.
- Sugar in sticks, sachets of 200 pieces and crystallized.
- Paper cups, eco, biodegradable.
- Coffee machine maintenance services.
- Chisinau and National Delivery Services.