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Brand: Philips Saeco Product code: PSTH
These stickers are essential to establish the right water hardnes..
45,90 Lei
Ex Tax:38,25 Lei
Product code: BR-MAIN
Brush for cleaning hard grease and other deposits on metal surfac..
122,40 Lei
Ex Tax:102,00 Lei
Brand: Kluber Lubrication Product code: KNh1-11
Kluberlub Nh1 is a silicone lubricant for lubricating the mechani..
474,30 Lei
Ex Tax:395,25 Lei
Brand: Philips Saeco Product code: PH-LTTg
Philips LatteGo plastic milk frother - 2-part milk system without..
939,00 Lei
Ex Tax:782,50 Lei
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