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Greenfield Quince Ginger Sweet-and-Sour Green 25 x 1,5 g

Greenfield Quince Ginger Sweet-and-Sour Green 25 x 1,5 g
Greenfield Quince Ginger Sweet-and-Sour Green 25 x 1,5 g
  • Brand: Greenfield
  • Product code: 25-P-GQG
  • Weight: 37.50g
61,40 Lei
Ex Tax: 51,17 Lei

Quince Ginger - this bright and harmonious drink perfectly combines the astringency of the green tea and the sweet-and-sour taste of the Japanese quince. The tea contains pieces of ginger root, an ingredient that fills the drink with taste and heat.

The original combination of ginger and quince proved to be really successful. The spicy ginger notes perfectly emphasize the delicacy of the quince and offer it a special charm to the tea. The subtle, slightly astringent acidity of Japanese quince emphasizes the true finesse of green tea and gives it a sweet and memorable aftertaste.

In this assortment, green tea makes a good team with ginger, two reliable allies of the immune system, which fight the colds, accelerates metabolism, provides energy and keeps the nervous system strong.

Ingredients: long green tea, ginger root, quince pieces, quince flavor, ginger flavor, calendula flowers.

It is recommended to infuse in boiled water at a temperature of 85-90 °C for 4-5 minutes, in a 200 ml cup.

Ginger is a wonder ingredient with a lot of health benefits. The flavored and refreshment ginger root is not just a spice from the Asian cuisine, but a real source of substances with therapeutic effect. Its benefits have been demonstrated for centuries in Chinese naturist medicine, where it is used in treatment of colds, improvement of digestive pain, calming of inconvenience caused by rheumatism.

The benefits of ginger consumption:

  • Stimulates the digestive function;
  • Prevents oral infections;
  • Is a good antioxidant and energetic;
  • Remedy against colds and flu;
  • Helps to lower cholesterol;
  • Decreases nausea;
  • Contributes to reducing inflammation;
  • Maintains skin and hair health.

CompositionGreen tea, ginger, quince pieces, calendula flowers
FlavorSlightly sour
ProcessingNaturally flavored
PreparationInfuse for 4-5 minutes in a 200-300 ml cup
Infusion temperature85-90 °C
NotesQuince, ginger
Weight37,5 g