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Carraro Gran Crema 1000 g Coffee Beans

Carraro Gran Crema - is a premium line of coffee that mixes Arabica beans (70%) harvested on plantations in Brazil, with Robusta coffee beans (30%) from Indonesia and Central America.

An aromatic, full-bodied, creamy and intense coffee with a memorable aftertaste. Its aroma is persistent, with delicious fruity hints. The penetrating taste combines notes of hazelnut and chocolate, and the texture is creamy and dense - a real treat for gourmands.

We like Gran Crema for its balance, so loved by Moldovans and not only.
Coffee typeBeans
Composition30% Robusta, 70% Arabica
Flavor5 of 5
Acidity1 of 5
Intensity5 of 5
NotesChocolate, hazelnut
OriginBrazil, Central America, Africa
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight1000 g