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Carraro Bio Arabica Organic 1000 g

The coffee beans for Carraro Arabica 100 % Bio are grown organically, on organically certified plantations in Latin America, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

As a result of the slow roasting process, the coffee will impress us with a sweet and very aromatic taste, balanced by a light citric acidity. In the cup we get an espresso of medium intensity with a persistent floral aroma. And thanks to the low caffeine content, we will feel better the soft and velvety body of this coffee.

Towards the end, it will delight us with a classic aftertaste of nuts and dried fruits.

Carraro Bio Organica coffee promotes the values of healthy eating, caring for nature and supporting small local entrepreneurs.

Medium roast

Caffeine 1/3

Flavor 5/5

Sweetness 5/5

Acidity 2/5

Body 5/5

Coffee typeBeans
Composition10% Robusta, 90% Arabica
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight1000 g