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Hausbrandt Gourmet Columbus 1 kg


The Gourmet Columbus blend, whose recipe holds the secret to an exquisite combination of bitter cocoa and liquorice root nuances, gives a harmonious, full and sophisticated flavor to the coffee, which results from careful selection of the finest quality 100% Colombian Arabica beans, combining their aromas and flavours in a cocktail of nuances and tastes.



The Hausbrandt Line

The secret of the Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 blends undoubtedly lies in their composition. A specific combinations of single origin beans and different amounts of Arabica and Robusta varieties create blends that offer full flavour, fragrant aroma and rounded body which is essential for an exceptional coffee.


Hausbrandt uses a process known as slow roasting, in which a temperature of 210° C is reached. The roasting lasts for 15 to 16 minutes, the amount of time needed to obtain coffee that has a uniform colour and that has all of its aroma and organoleptic properties intact. During this process, the heat curve is continuously monitored with thermal probes. At the end of the roasting process, the beans are immediately cooled to halt the natural process of combustion.