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Carraro Super Bar 1000 g Coffee Beans

Carraro Super Bar is a full-bodied coffee with an intense aroma, suitable to be served in the morning due to its higher caffeine content (Super Crema line). It is, of course, coffee for professionals (Baristas) intended for professional espresso machines, but the Carraro Coffee House has also prepared it for extraction in automatic espresso machines.

The mixture consists of 7 varieties of Arabica (60%) and Robusta (40%), collected on plantations in Brazil, Africa and Asia. The processing method by washing and then long roasting allowed the coffee beans to concentrate maximum values of taste and aroma.

Thanks to Robusta, the coffee will delight you with a thick and creamy texture. It has an intensely enticing aroma. The full and strong taste goes into a long and pleasant aftertaste with notes of chocolate.

Medium roast level.


Caffeine 2/3

Flavor 4 out of 5

Body 4 out of 5

Intensity 3 out of 5

Sweetness 2 out of 5

Acidity 1 out of 5

Aftertaste 4 out of 5

Coffee typeBeans
Composition40% Robusta, 60% Arabica
Flavor4 of 5
Acidity1 of 5
Intensity3 of 5
OriginBrazil, Central America, Africa, Asia
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight1000 g