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Carraro Globo Verde 1000 g Coffee Beans

Carraro Globo Verde is a coffee blend with a harmonious and well-balanced taste, consisting of four (4) Arabica varieties and three (3) Robusta varieties in a 50/50 ratio.

Coffee beans were collected from the best plantations in Africa, Central and South America. The blend will captivate you at first glance with its deep and rich aroma, obtained by slow roasting over medium heat in accordance with Italian coffee craftsmanship.

It has a high caffeine content and low acidity, complemented by notes of dark chocolate and almonds. The aftertaste is intense and persistent.

Recommended for the professional vending sector.

Taste 4/5

Intensity 3/5

Sweetness 3/5

Sourness 1/5

Aftertaste 4/5

Coffee typeBeans
Composition50% Robusta, 50% Arabica
Flavor4 of 5
Acidity1 of 5
Intensity3 of 5
Country of manufacturerCentral America, South America, Africa
Weight1000 g
Tags: 50/50