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Carraro Globo Oro 1000 g Coffee Beans

Carraro Globo Oro is a coffee blend consisting of five (5) Arabica and three (3) Robusta coffee varieties, hand-selected, slow roasted and designed for bars that want to offer customers coffee with a persistent aroma and rich taste.

They have been carefully roasted over low heat to ensure all aspects of the coffee bean are equally captured.

As befits a 70 % Arabica coffee mix, it has a strong floral aroma, while the strong taste is balanced by sweet and velvety notes. The remaining 30 % Robusta in the composition is responsible for the formation of a thick and persistent foam, medium to intense strength and an aftertaste that remains in effect for a long time.

Aroma 5/5

Intensity 4/5

Sweetness 1/5

Sourness 0/5

Taste 5/5

Coffee typeBeans
Composition30% Robusta, 70% Arabica
Flavor5 of 5
Acidity2 of 5
Intensity5 of 5
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight1000 g