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DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter Free Descaling

DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter Free Descaling
DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter Free Descaling
DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter Free Descaling
DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter Free Descaling
DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter Free Descaling
  • Brand: DeLonghi
  • Product code: GGA-AQF
  • Weight: 200.00g
385,56 Lei
Ex Tax: 321,30 Lei

Model DeLonghi DLSC002 SKU 5513292811 Water Filter

The DeLonghi water filter is a filter for water purification (filtration) from impurities, minerals, i.e. limescale (calcar) in the espresso coffee machines (see below for compatible models). The result of using the filter is a full taste and intense coffee aroma, no limescale in the hydraulic system and less need for decalcification (descaling). It is installed in the water tank (see image below) and changes every 2 months.

This filter extends the life of your coffee machine, saves you money and most importantly - improves the taste and aroma of coffee.

Technology: activated carbon filter, macroporous filter.

Instalation, steps:

1. Find out the hardness of the water used and set the degree of hardness in the coffee machine (depending on the model, see in the machine instructions).

2. Withdraw the filter from the package, set the current month of the year so that the filter can calculate +2 months from the date of installation (see image).

3. Fill the filter with water before inserting it into the water tank (see image).

4. Insert the filter into the appliance's water tank and activate the Water Filter function (valid for some appliances, see the instruction if it is valid for your appliance).

Adjusting the level of the used water hardness:

To find out the hardness of the water used, use the hardness tester (see Recommended products below, cost 25,00 MDL).

1. Prepare a glass of water for testing, water - that will be used in the coffee machine.

2. Insert the tester into the glass of water for 3 seconds.

3. Depending on the result obtained, set the degree of hardness in the coffee machine (see image).

Setting the current month of the year on DeLonghi water filter

Water hardness tester

- Add 6 filters to your cart for one year (6 x 2 months) use and get a 7% discount.

Device model compatibility:

EC800 Series / EC820.B, EC850.M

EC860.M / ESAM Series / ESAM6900 - Primadonna Exclusive

ESAM6700 - Primadonna Avant

ESAM6620 - Primadonna

ESAM04.350.S - Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino

AM4200 .S - Magnifica

ESAM04.110.S - Magnifica

ESAM4000B - Magnifica

ESAM2600 - Magnifica Caffe Corso

ECAM Series/ECAM 22.110.SB - Magnifica S

ECAM 22.320.S - Magnifica S Plus

ECAM 22.360.S - Magnifica S Cappuccino

ECAM 26.465 - Primadonna S Deluxe

ECAM 45.760.W - Eletta Cappuccino Top


Eletta Cappuccino

ECAM 44.620.S

Eletta Plus - ECAM 23420

ETAM Series/ETAM 36.365 Primadonna XS Deluxe

Attention: when performing the descaling (decalcification) procedure, remove the filter from the coffee machine and then insert it back.

MaterialPlastic, activated carbon
Country of manufacturerItaly
CompatibilityBCO 400 Series: BCO410, BCO420. EC800 Series: EC820, EC820.B, EC850, EC850.M, EC860.M. ECAM Series: ECAM22.110.B, ECAM26.445M, ECAM23.450.S. ESAM Series: ESAM2600 Magnifica Caffe Corso, ESAM4000B Magnifica, ESAM04.110.S Magnifica, ESAM4200.S Magnifica, ESAM04.350.S Magnifica Pronto Cappuccino, ESAM6620 Primadonna, ESAM6700 Primadonna Avant, ESAM6900 Primadonna Exclusive. ETAM Series.
Duration of use2 months (approximately)
DestinationWater filtration in coffeemachine (depending on the volume of water, rinsing). Improves the taste of coffee. Relieves decalcification as filter is used.
Application methodImmerse the filter in water in a container bigger than filter itself, remove air bubbles. Insert the filter into the water tank. Activate the "Filter" function in the main menu.
Weight390 g
Pieces per pack1
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (LxHxW) / cm16.99 x 12.6 x 5.99 cm
Important information !!!
WarningRemove the filter when descaling (disassemble the filter from the water tank). Descaling is done without a filter. Insert the filter back into the water tank after descaling.