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Maintenance - Quarterly Subscription 4+1 Turns

On a regular basis, namely 4+1 turns per year (each 8 weeks), the following maintenance work is performed for each espresso machine:

1. Lubrication (cleaning, lubrication) of the infusion module (brew group)

2. Cleavage descaling / descaling / cleaning

3. Cleaning the tubes in the hydraulic system

4. Care of the external appearance of the appliance

5. Degreasing of coffee waste collection tanks (crates)

6. Exchange of primary wear parts (rubber rings, against payment)

7. Exchange of other parts (if applicable and against additional payment) - your online-shop for coffee makers and their technical maintenance services.

You do not need to bring your coffee maker for cleaning, we come to clean it. (City of Chișinău, Moldova)