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Gaggia Descaling Agent Liquid Concentrate 250 ml

Gaggia Descaling Agent Liquid Concentrate 250 ml
Gaggia Descaling Agent Liquid Concentrate 250 ml
  • Brand: Gaggia
  • Product code: GDSC-25
  • Weight: 250.00g
225,83 Lei
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Suitable for all Gaggia (espresso) coffee machines. This detergent is a guaranteed solution to ensure the long-term operation of the espresso machine.

It maintains the taste of the coffee over time and ensures the right temperature for the high performance of the coffee, at the same time, it ensures reliable protection of the machine and allows a precise descaling without affecting the delicate parts of the espresso machine.

Administration: pour the contents of the bottle into the water tank and add plain water to the appropriate indicator, mix and start the descaling procedure.

Prepare a bowl or cup. For a correct descaling use the milk nozzle (vaporizer), use the espresso button (without coffee), wait 2 minutes after each 50-100 ml of emitted chemistry, repeat the espresso preparation with a 2-minute break and so on until the chemistry is over.

Rinse the remaining chemicals in the water tank. Pour plain water and rinse the appliance by pressing the long (Americano) button without pauses, also use the rinsing nozzle, so you will rinse the appliance with the remaining chemistry. Use 2 full water tanks (2-4 liters of water).

We recommend that you perform this descaling procedure every 3 months for advanced coffee consumption or once every 6 months for moderate consumption (60-100 coffees per month).
CompositionCitric acid monohydrate, lactic acid, additives, water.
UseCoffee machines, household and industrial tools (bathroom, wc), terracotta, etc
Country of manufacturerItaly
CompatibilityCoffee machines Saeco, Gaggia, Philips, Delonghi, Siemens, Bosch, AEG, Krups, Magimix etc. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines, Super-Automatic Espresso Machines.
DestinationDescaling - removal of limescale from the hydraulic system of coffee machines.
Application methodDilute the liquid in water in a ratio of 1:10 (100 ml liquid to 1000 ml water). Perform the descaling procedure according to the instructions of the espresso machine. Rinse with clean water.
Weight250 ml
Biochemical formMix of acids and additives.
Important information !!!
WarningCauses serious eye damage. Avoid getting in the eyes. In case of emergency, call your doctor. Wash with plain water. Do not smell, drink or spill this liquid.