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Carraro Globo Rosso 1000 g Coffee Beans

Carraro Globo Rosso is a blend of three (3) types of Arabica coffee and three (3) varieties of Robusta coffee, selected from plantations in Africa and South America. Roasted to the highest Italian standards, it offers coffee full of body and aroma, strong enough to brighten up your morning.

It has a special taste, devoid of sourness, but flavored with notes of nuts, chocolate and licorice. Robusta gives it a dense texture with a thick and persistent cream.

Even after the coffee is served, it will continue to pamper your senses with a lasting and memorable aftertaste.

Taste 4/5

Intensity 3/5

Sweetness 2/5

Sourness 1/5

Aftertaste 4/5

Coffee typeBeans
Composition70% Robusta, 30% Arabica
Flavor4 of 5
Acidity1 of 5
Intensity3 of 5
OriginSouth America, Africa
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight1000 g