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Tess Banana Split 20 x 1,8 g

Banana Split is a bright composition made of black tea with a taste of bananas, strawberries and calendula petals. A play of fruity flavors turns tea into a delicious tropical cocktail.The sweetness and delicate aroma of ripe bananas dominate the composition, and in a mixture with strawberry and juicy mango aroma creates a pleasant infusion with a sunny taste.

The petals of * calendula, from the composition of the bouquet, give the infusion a light note of purity and clarity. The floral-fruity composition full of sweetness, makes this tea a tempting summer dessert that awakens amazing taste sensations after each cup.

Ingredients: Long black tea, chopped strawberries, calendula petals, mango slices, "strawberry and mango" cocktail flavor.

Preparation: A pyramid is infused in 200/300 ml of boiled water 90-95 C for 3-4 minutes.

Callendula (Marigold) are medicinal plants that have amazing health benefits. They have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial, immunostimulant action, accelerate tissue healing and regeneration, improve bile secretion.The flowers of the plants are used for therapeutic purposes. Harvested when it is sunny outside, then the flowers open and emit volatile oils.

CompositionBlack tea, bananas, strawberries, calendula petals
ProcessingNaturally flavored
PreparationInfuse for 3-5 minutes in a 200-300 ml cup
Infusion temperature90-95 °C
NotesBananas, strawberries, mangoes
Weight36 g
Pieces per pack20 bags
Sachet weight1,8 g