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Lavazza Crema e Gusto 250g

Blend of Brazilian Arabica and Robusta beans from Eastern Africa and South-East Asia, for a creamy espresso with an intense and markable taste, characterized by a pleasant aftertaste of bitter chocolate and a delicate scent of precious woods.

The Lavazza Dolce e Gusto and an espresso machine - the perfect team for a great coffee.

The key ingredient of an excellent espresso is definitely the mixture, which is to be prized as Espresso Crema e Gusto.

But the blend is not enough.

Get a great espresso, a small alchemy, which begins in the machine, that culminates when the coffee slowly begins to flow, warm and fragrant.

The espresso is one of the gloriest made in Italy coffees and is the symbol of a lifestyle that speaks of intensity and passion.

The cup of espresso is indissolubly linked to the coffee break ritual, an all-Italian tradition handed down from generation to generation.

The typical creamy espresso - from hazelnut color with golden tones and a very fine texture - makes this drink a treat for the eyes and the palate, to be enjoyed at all times.

With Espresso Crema e Gusto, all the pleasure of authentic espresso is available now to enjoy at home at any time of the day.

L'espresso: a symbol of real Made in Italy coffees.

Coffee typeGround
Composition70% Robusta, 30% Arabica
Flavor3 (of 5)
Intensity7 (of 10)
OriginSouth America, Asia
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight250 g