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Lavazza Espresso 250g

Made of 100% specially selected Arabica beans, producing a dark, intensely aromatic flavor, making it the ultimate Espresso coffee for an all-day indulgence.

Suitable for filter, moka, espresso, french press.

Caffè Espresso – for moments of pure happiness.

Strong, black and with a finely marbled crema – this is how the Italians love their espresso.

Immerse yourself in the southern Italian coffee culture with a cup of Lavazza Caffè Espresso, a premium blend of only the best Arabica beans.

For lovers of authentic espresso enjoyment, there is no alternative.

Let this small but powerful drink showcase its impressive flavors by serving it in a small, thick-walled cup.

But it is just as ideally suited for preparing "long coffees".

This is a pure espresso that indulges the noses of true coffee connoisseurs with its intense fragrance before revealing its bold taste: A true feast for the senses for you, your family and your friends.

Coffee typeGround
Composition100% Arabica
Intensity5 (of 10)
OriginCentral America, Africa
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight250 g