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Keddy Syrup Coconut 1000 ml

Coconut Syrup perfectly satisfies the need for exotic flavors in dishes such as Pina Colada or other cocktails, or various dishes based on coffee or milk.
Coconut has many culinary uses, respectively it is used in cosmetics, because coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer.

The coconut syrup goes perfectly with other exotic flavors especially with pineapple.
Try mixing it with Monin Butterscotch syrup to enhance the taste.

Brass:An extremely versatile, intense aroma, goes well with sweet, bitter and salty aromas.

Taste:Tropical taste, very intense, concentrated and long lasting taste, a shade of caramel.

Recommended for:Hot or cold chocolate, flavored milk, milkshakes, desserts, cocktails, various exotic drinks.

UseCocktails, coffee, milk drinks, desserts, cooking
OriginIndonesia, India, Thailand
Country of manufacturerFrance
Volume / ml1000