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Manuel Capriccio 2000g

The Capriccio blend is a sweet and at the same time lusty coffee, constantly surprising.

Hence the name ”Capriccio” which stands for capricious.

A blend of separately roasted single-origin coffee consisting of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta beans, with a solid full aromatic flavor and a rich crema.

The perfect choice for a coffee with delicious chocolate and wood tones, full-body and a nice sweetness.

A full aromatic thick crema and a very nice aftertaste of fresh fruits and citruses.

The coffee is packaged in a beautifully crafted black tin box and it looks pretty chicly in your office.

Coffee typeBeans
Composition30% Robusta, 70% Arabica
Flavor4 (of 5)
Acidity3 (of 5)
AftertasteCitrus, fresh fruit
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight2000 g