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Althaus Fruit Berry 15 x 2,75 g

The special Fruit Berry blend is reminiscent of the spectacular taste of homemade jam, due to the sweetness and aroma that red berries emanate.

The notes of hibiscus, shock flowers, apples and strawberries, create a real gastronomic pleasure.

Pyramid-shaped sachets are a modern way to infuse tea, resulting in a drink with an extremely full aroma and taste.

CompositionHibiscus, shock flowers, apples, strawberries
FlavorHomemade jam
ProcessingNaturally flavored
PreparationInfuse for 5-10 minutes in a 200-300 ml cup
Infusion temperature85-100 °C
Country of manufacturerGermany
Weight41,25 g
Pieces per pack15 bags
Sachet weight2,75 g