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Tess Breakfast 25 x 1,5 g

Tess Breakfast is a splendid blend of refined black teas harvested from plantations in Ceylon, India and Kenya.In this blend, the astringency of Ceylon black tea blends harmoniously with the delicacy of Darjeeling black tea.Ceylon tea, grown in a mild climate at the foot of the mountains, fills the infusion with spicy tart notes, and the Darjeeling assortment leaves a nutmeg-flavored infusion imprint, where the sweet-incense notes of flowers are well felt.This black tea with a deep and rich taste, is a good source of caffeine and antioxidants, which makes it suitable to have served in the morning, for a more productive day.

Infusion temperature 90-95 °C, for 3-4 minutes, in a 200 ml volume cup.

* Daarjeling black tea is harvested in the Indian region of the same name. It is an assortment of black tea with a lighter taste and less astringent than most black teas, but more complex than green ones.Darjeeling is also called "tea champagne" due to its sweet-incense notes similar to those in geranium wine.The tea leaves are harvested by hand and processed according to the traditional method, being left to dry for several hours, then they are rolled and oxidized.Darjeeling tea is a good source of antioxidants, substances that neutralize free radicals and strengthen the body. All types of tea contain antioxidants, but black teas that ferment during processing, such as Darjeeling, are very rich in such compounds.
CompositionBlack tea
FlavorSlightly astringent, refreshing
PreparationInfuse for 3-4 minutes in a 200-300 ml cup
Infusion temperature90-95 °C
OriginIndia, Kenya
Weight37,5 g
Pieces per pack25 bags
Sachet weight1,5 g