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Pavin Caffe Full Cream 1000 g

Full Cream is a traditional southern Italian coffee blend of Royal Indian Robusta, carefully selected and roasted using a semi-artisanal method.

A coffee with all the high parameters - lots of caffeine, full body, intense aftertaste of dark chocolate and absolute homogeneity. A real caffeine bomb.

Semi-artisanal roasting guarantees double control: one by the software of the roaster (machinery) and one by the specialist roaster (chef) who, thanks to his experience, constantly supervises the entire roasting process.

Coffee typeBeans
CompositionRobusta 90-95 %, Arabica 5-10 %
AcidityZero, almost imperceptible
Intensity5 of 5
NotesChocolate, roasted peanuts, toast
RoastIntense, semi-artisanal
AftertasteDark chocolate
Country of manufacturerItaly
Weight1000 g